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Custody Junction The Features & Benefits

Custody Junction™ allows you to schedule, track and monitor your current and future custody, visitation, and support arrangements. It gives you the capability to develop and share (if desired) a detailed parenting calendar, track all scheduled and non-scheduled parenting events, and generate valuable statistical reports for personal or legal use (if needed).

Why Should I Use Custody Junction™?

  • You deserve it. Your child(ren)'s future may depend on it.
  • Judges & lawyers tell you to document everything. This system makes it easy.
  • Access from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.
  • Beneficial for all custody arrangements (joint, shared, sole, friendly, non-friendly).
  • Lessens conflict with parent communication (helps keep you out of court).
  • Saves valuable parenting time (schedule management made easy).
  • Track events with unlimited detail (essential for making a case).
  • Search, View & Print event details with comprehensive reports.
  • Everything is time-stamped for credibility.
  • Third party restricted access if desired (for attorneys, counselors, etc.).
There are three main areas of the system. These areas consist of the Scheduling Center, Tracking Center, and Reporting Center. Each distinct area has it's own purpose, but each compliments the other to offer the most robust custody and support management tool available today.

All information is auto-saved, backed-up and stored on our secure servers.

Scheduling Center The Scheduling Center - This Scheduling Center allows you to create and maintain your parenting-time and support payment schedules though a calendar based interface. You can share the schedule online by providing the other parent with login access or by printing, or don't share it at all. The Scheduling Center appeals to all types of custody arrangements (sole, joint, shared, split, friendly, non-friendly etc.).
Learn More About the Scheduling Center

Tracking Center The Tracking Center - The Tracking Center allows you to provide detailed records of all of your "Events" that are established in your Scheduling Center. Your Tracking Center alerts you of each "Event" that requires your attention, so you can "track it" if desired. Tracking an "Event" allows you to provide the valuable documentation and detail that is needed to monitor your parenting arrangements. You may also initiate a tracking record for an "Event" that is not established in your Scheduling Center. This will allow you to document random contacts or incidents with the other parent. The tracking detail will be different depending on the type of "Event". For example, the data collected for Parenting-Time "Event" will be different from a Child Support "Event" or a Phone-Time "Event".
Learn More About the Tracking Center

Reporting Center The Reporting Center - The Reporting Center gives you the power to drill through all of your Schedule Center and Tracking Center data to produce statistical reports based on selected characteristics and date parameters. These custom generated reports allow you to analyze your parenting situation and provide reports to the other parent, an attorney, and/or the court if necessary. You can also view and print each "Event" within the report results, making it easy to collect the information you need.
Learn More About the Reporting Center

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