Tracking Center

This component allows you to provide detailed records of all of your "Events" that are established in your Scheduling Center. Your Tracking Center alerts you of each "Event" that requires your attention, so you can "track it" if desired. Tracking an "Event" allows you to provide the valuable documentation and detail that is needed to monitor your parenting arrangements. You may also initiate a tracking record for an "Event" that is not established in your Scheduling Center. This will allow you to document random contacts or incidents with the other parent and or child(ren). The tracking detail will be different depending on the type of "Event". For example, the data collected for Parenting-Time "Event" will be different from a Child Support "Event" or a Phone-Time "Event".

    No More "He Said... She Said":
  • Time-stamped - created date and last updated date (for credibility).
  • Track the Events details to what "actually" happened.
  • Track with comments and tag them by subject matter.
  • Track the actual event times vs the scheduled times.
  • Track other people present.
  • Track gas expense and other multiple expenses.
  • Track personality or mood observations of the child(ren).
  • Track things not returned with the child(ren).
  • Track support payment dates and amounts.
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Tracking Center Screen Shot


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