Reporting Center

This component gives you the power to drill through all of your Scheduling Center and Tracking Center data to produce statistical reports based on selected characteristics and date parameters. These custom generated reports analyze your parenting situation and provide reports to the other parent, an attorney, and/or the court if necessary. You can also view and print each "Event" within the report results, making it easy to collect and organize the information you want and need.

    A Few Example Data & Comparison Reports:
  • Possession Hours, Overnights and Percentages.
  • Scheduled Possession Time vs. Actual Time.
  • Accumulated Expenses (gas, medical, phone, travel).
  • Forfeited Parenting-Time.
  • Denied Parenting-Time.
  • Grandparent/Relative Visitation.
  • School Attendance.
  • Sports/ Special Activities.
  • Support Payment Amounts.
  • Delinquent Support Payments.
[sample screenshot]
Reporting Center Screen Shot


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